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61 substances vitales réunies dans un 1 seul fortifiant naturel! - Vogel Saint-Jérôme

61 vital substances united in a single natural fortifier!

11 vitamins, 19 minerals and trace elements, 20 amino acids and 11 essential replenishers are all present in THE most complete supplement.

We present to you the most recommended supplement at Vogel Saint-Jérôme for the whole family. For several years, we have trustedBio-Strath whether it is for energy, concentration or stress.


40 years of research published in different countries at the dawn of modern scientific methods, here are the most important areas ofBio-Strath research:

A 64% improvement was observed after 12 weeks of using Bio-Strath on the following points: fatigue, nervousness, concentration, resistance, physical and mental performance, alertness, memory, recovery capacity and vitality.

Immune defenses and resistance
This 100% natural fortifier has been scientifically proven to play an important role in activating the body's defenses and strength reserves.Bio-Strath acts as a bulwark that we need to preserve all our defense capabilities. In a study compared to influenza vaccination,Bio-Strath was the best in the parameters observed in terms of general well-being, concentration, fatigue, vitality, stress and reduced work absences .

Children at school
A study of 18 children with attention deficits was carried out in a pediatrician's office, involving parents and teachers. After giving 3 teaspoons/day ofBio-Strath for 6 weeks to children, amazing results were observed. Improvement in impulsivity, attention, reactions, and social behavior was seen in 12 of the 18 children.

To compensate for the lack of iron during pregnancy, women often take iron supplements such as ferric salts. However, these preparations are often poorly tolerated. A study conducted on 32 pregnant women showed that taking the fortifierBio-Strath along with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables stabilized hemoglobin values ​​during pregnancy without side effects.

Convalescence/Extreme fatigue
TheBio-Strath supplement normalizes organic functions in case of weakened immune system and disturbances of general condition by promoting healing.


The nutrients listed above are all provided in a natural, organic and whole state. The various researches have been able to confirm that they are much better digested, absorbed and assimilated than if they were taken individually. This is called a synergistic effect since each element combined inBio-Strath is more effective in this complete fortifier than in its individual form.

As mentioned above, this supplement can be taken by the whole family and even pregnant women.

It is easy to take: elixir, tablets, drops.

Taken as a preventive measure,Bio-Strath improves the quality of life for everyone.
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