Bio-Strath, Le Super Héros familial! - Vogel Saint-Jérôme

Bio-Strath, The Family Super Hero!

Bio-Strath is the ideal supplement for the whole family and for all stages of life.

Bio-Strath is a dietary supplement that provides the body with all the nutrients it needs to perform at its best and perform at its best. It contains 61 vital substances: vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements, amino acids and other basic substances providing strength and vitality to the body.

Bio-Strath to burst with energy

- Improved energy and vitality
- Greater physical and mental efficiency
- Better concentration and performance
- Shorter recovery period after exercise

Bio-Strath for work and study

- Increased energy and vitality
- Better concentration
- Relief of learning-related fatigue
- Resistance to stress and work overload
- Faster recovery from chronic fatigue or exhaustion

Bio-Strath is also very useful for the elderly: it improves their energy, their vitality, their alertness and their resistance, in particular when they are more vulnerable (illness or other).
Bio-Strath products do not contain lactose, colors, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, synthetic additives, or GMOs. The drops and tablets are suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. The elixir is suitable for vegetarians.

Imagine what you could accomplish with Bio-Strath!