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The best absorbed vitamin C

Vitamin C is without a doubt the most popular and most supplemented vitamin in North America.

This unique vitamin is very important for the human organism and the cellular integrity of all tissues and organs depends on it.

It governs the formation and maintenance of the intercellular mortar. It helps in energy production, boosting the immune system, increasing lymphocyte production, accelerating the healing process, preventing premature aging, etc.

But why chooseVitamin C Ester-C instead of Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid?

Vitamin Ester-C is a special patented formula of vitamin C (calcium ascorbate), with added metabolites. Metabolites are the most active form of vitamin C. They are the main difference between Ester-C and all other forms of vitamin C.

Because of this difference,vitamin Ester-C is better absorbed by the body and stays there longer.

Vitamin C ascorbic acid is rapidly eliminated in the urine, so the body absorbs little of it and can also cause gas, bloating and other discomforts due to its acidity and poor absorption. Ester -C does not cause discomfort since its calcium ascorbate neutralizes intestinal acids, thus allowing absorption without problems.

Ester-C from the company SiSU has an additional particularity: itsEster-C vitamins are supplemented with bioflavonoids which further increase the absorption of this vitamin.

We naturally find bioflavonoids in brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Those that contain the most vitamin C are, of course, oranges, lemons and red peppers. In addition, bioflavonoids have anti-inflammatory, antihistamine and antioxidant properties. Everything to promote good immunity!

If you think it's not good to take too much vitamin C, know that the Canadian government has increased its recommended daily intake of vitamin C from 1000mg to 2000mg and doctors often recommend daily maintenance doses ranging from 500mg to 2000mg.

Studies have shown that a high dose of vitamin C can double the level of activity of white blood cells, which are the warrior cells of the immune system.

Takingvitamin Ester-C during the cold season is putting the odds in your favor to ensure good health!