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What are the properties of these popular essential oils?

Once essential oils have entered your daily life, it is difficult to do without them.

Many of you will have got into the habit of turning on a diffuser at home or at work, as for other people, it will be in homemade massage oil recipes that you will have the opportunity to get to know them better. .

Essential oils have a host of properties. They have the advantages of scenting your home but also of acting on your morale, helping to fight certain health problems and even reducing inflammation.

How to use essential oils?

It is very important not to apply essential oils to the skin. It is not recommended to consume them internally either. It is possible to use them in diffusers, nebulizers in order to enjoy their fragrances in the house or at work. It is possible to dilute them in a base oil in order to use it as a massage oil. You can also make homemade beauty products with some of these popular oils.

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Let’s see a list of essential oils and their benefits:

Lavender : It is probably the most famous essential oil. It is soothing and anti-stress. It is often used to help relieve joint or muscle pain from sprains, strains and/or rheumatoid arthritis.

Peppermint : It helps reduce bloating and intestinal gas. It also helps reduce headaches and tension by applying one to two drops diluted in a base oil on the temples.

Orange : Orange essential oil is very popular for helping to reduce digestive disorders, but also to help reduce anxiety. It is refreshing in diffusion and improves the mood by giving you a maximum of vitality!

Lemon : Lemon essential oil contains limonene which improves fat digestion. It can be used to combat anxiety and help overcome motion sickness.

Lime : This essential oil helps reduce nervousness. It is known to help with falling asleep and to tone the nervous system. It helps to improve concentration.

Eucalyptus : There are several types. One of the popular forms “Globulus” is used to help decongest the nasal passages during sinusitis, bronchitis and cough. It helps relieve cold and flu symptoms, earaches and muscle aches.

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