Qu'est-ce que la mycose des ongles? - Vogel Saint-Jérôme

What is nail fungus?

You have probably heard an advertisement about it, or seen someone around you suffering from it. Nail fungus is a fungal infection of one or more nails. It can be found on the fingernails as well as the toenails.

According to dermatologists, nail infections account for almost 50% of all nail problems. This statistic rises even higher among the elderly.

How to recognize an infection on a nail?

Certain symptoms often suggest a nail infection; discoloration of the nail, its fragility, yellowing and crumbling as well as a slight thickening of your nail.

When an infection is not caught in time, symptoms can get worse. There could be more pronounced discoloration, increased crumbling and yellowing, pain could appear and even worse, the infection could spread to other nails or the surrounding skin. That's why it's important to take it seriously.

What causes nail infections?

Nail infections are often caused by fungi that like warm, moist environments like in shoes. It is common to see people who frequent public locker rooms or public gymnasiums and showers/swimming pools being exposed to this type of fungi.

Since there is less blood circulating in the feet, the immune system and metabolism have to fight harder against these types of infections, which makes them more difficult to eliminate.

Possible solutions?

Obviously, prevention is the best option if you don't have nail fungus. Being careful in public places where your skin and nails could come into contact is the key to prevention. However, it is possible that despite the precautions, you are suffering from this type of infection at some point in your life.

There is a formula based on antifungal essential oils that you can apply to the affected areas. Podiex from the ABIO Cosmetics range is a formula based on cinnamon, rosemary, oregano and tea tree which helps prevent this type of infection which can be applied once or twice a day to the affected areas as needed.

If you have this type of infection, it may be necessary to consult a qualified health professional to see the possible treatments and before using a product for this purpose.