Quel est le lien entre articulations saines et peau ferme? - Vogel Saint-Jérôme

What is the connection between healthy joints and firm skin?

To take advantage of these two benefits, we must promote hyaluronic acid!

Hyaluronic acid is present everywhere in our body, but significant concentrations are found in the skin, the vitreous body of the eye and the synovial fluid in the joints.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that has a great affinity with water; it is essential for the mobility of the joints by its form of thick gel which lubricates and protects the joints. In the skin, it fills the intercellular spaces and participates in the hydration and cohesion of tissues.

Hyaluronic acid plays a role in inflammation, wound healing and immune responses.

Hyaluronic acid and the joints

A component of synovial fluid, a viscous fluid that lubricates joints and acts as a shock absorber, this fluid forms a thin layer on the surface of cartilage whose role is to reduce friction, provide nourishment and facilitate joint movement.

Hyaluronic acid is an essential element in joint protection, as it increases the viscosity of synovial fluid, improves the elasticity of cartilage in the joints and reduces inflammation.

According to research, hyaluronic acid can prevent the breakdown of the joints' natural protective barriers.

In osteoarthritis, it can block the production of enzymes that contribute to the breakdown of cartilage.

A clinical pilot study showed that a daily supplement of hyaluronic acid improved the quality of life of a person struggling with osteoarthritis of the knee.

Hyaluronic acid and the skin

    The skin is the most important reservoir of hyaluronic acid. This is why hyaluronic acid:
    • Retains water in the tissues like a sponge and plays an important role in healing the skin.
    • Protects against UV rays (anti-oxidant action)
    • Maintains skin hydration and contributes to its tone. From the age of 40, hyaluronic acid decreases in the body (an explanation of skin aging).

    The goal is therefore to provide it to the tissues to ensure hydration, flexibility, firmness and great protection for the joints.

    The best way to bring more hyaluronic acid to our body is the AOR supplement.

    AOR's hyaluronic acid is derived from plant sources and has a low molecular weight, making it easily absorbed and utilized by the body. In combination with vitamin C and lysine, this product provides optimal support to maintain healthy joints and firm, youthful skin.

    Hyaluronic Acid to ensure mobility and vitality!