Faites la prévention des Tiques et Puces au naturel cette année! - Vogel Saint-Jérôme

Prevent ticks and fleas naturally this year!

The period of TICKS and FLEAS has arrived and we take it seriously ... My advice is PREVENTION to protect your loved ones from these undesirables and especially from the worries and health problems they can cause.
We offer the following natural solutions:
  • Opt for Homeodel TICKS and FLEAS drops , oral homeopathic formula, easy to use and non-toxic to health.
  • Also a range of Zanimo products for external use is now available (repellent spray, pipettes, spray for furniture and fabrics, etc.)
Come and see us, my colleagues will be happy to advise you!
Mr. Watson 🐾
NB: Our advice does not replace the advice of a veterinarian.