Quelle est la combinaison parfaite pour des os forts et en santé? - Vogel Saint-Jérôme

What's the perfect combination for strong, healthy bones?

Prevention is better than cure: strengthen your bones to avoid osteoporosis or fractures.

After the age of 50, one in four women and one in eight men have osteoporosis which can lead to fractures which often cause permanent disability.

Diet, stress and acidity deplete our calcium levels, which are essential for maintaining strong bones and teeth.

Calcium is one of the first elements in the body to destabilize when the diet is inadequate. Adequate supplementation with an easily absorbable source is preferred. Remember that 99% of your body's calcium is in your bones.

Calcium also serves to facilitate the clotting process and helps control the transition of fluids through cells.

It is involved in many essential functions such as the digestion of proteins and fats, energy production, transmission of nerve impulses, neuromuscular activity and the absorption of other nutrients such as vitamin B12.

It is also associated with the proper functioning of the heart.

What's the perfect combination for strong, healthy bones?

A calcium supplement that:

  • Increases calcium absorption
  • Slows the rate of bone loss
  • Supports joints and cartilage
  • Stimulates bone regeneration cells
  • Reduces loss of calcium and magnesium

Which calcium supplement to choose?

A complete formula is AOR's Bone Basics. It contains all the essential nutrients for bone health, including calcium, vitamin D and magnesium. It also contains:

  • Manganese: Ensures the proper functioning of the cells responsible for bone proliferation
  • Vitamin K: Helps regulate calcium and keep it inside the bone
  • Glucosamine: Repairs joints and cartilage

A very absorbable calcium, Bone Basics Calcium is a complex of ossein hydroxyapatite (CHO), which allows the regeneration and support of the bone. It can not only slow bone loss, but also halt and reverse it with proteins and other nutrients found naturally in CHO.

AOR's CHO is derived from bovine bone from New Zealand which is considered the purest source on the market.

Bone Basics

The perfect combination for strong and healthy bones!

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