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How to refuel?

Tonics for each member of your family, young and old will appreciate them.

The tonics of the Miviton range are naturally balanced by their quality compounds. Superfoods that are easy to digest and assimilated by the body. They are not stimulating, but increase the vivacity of the organism over days or weeks, because they nourish and strengthen the immune, integumentary (skin, nails, hair), glandular, cerebral and nervous system.

Exceptional superfood!

Miviton nutritional tonics are mainly composed of wild herring milt from the Atlantic and from an eco-responsible fishery. The herring by its richness in marine DNA has a very great antioxidant power, does not contain any iodine and its content of mercury and heavy metals is almost zero.

The range includes Miviton Regular , Miviton Kids and Miviton Plus . What makes the difference between them is their different combinations with complementary substances for distinct results.

Miviton Regular

Miviton is recommended in case of:

- Great physical and mental fatigue
- Pregnancy, breastfeeding
-Neurological problems related to aging

Its use
The Miviton nutritional supplement is particularly indicated for the prevention and relief of:
-Difficulties with memory, attention, comprehension and concentration
-Tensions related to stress and hyperactivity
- Disturbances of all kinds related to the environment and the current way of life
- Tiredness, overwork, sleep disturbances

miviton kids
-Growth support
-Sleeping troubles
- Restlessness, hyperactivity
-Regulation of behavior
- Seasonal tonic

The action of Miviton children 's sea fish autolysate is characterized by harmonious regularity of nervous flow and intellectual mobility (attention, concentration, memorization), regulation of mental balance and behavior as well as regulation of sleep and mood.

Miviton children is not hyper stimulating, does not contain any added sugar and it can be taken in the morning before lunch in a juice, in the afternoon after school and even in the evening before bedtime if necessary.

Miviton Plus
-Dynamism and tone
-Mood stabilization
-Memorization and concentration
-Tensions related to stress
-Extreme fatigue

Its use
Miviton Plus contributes to ensure a rapid and significant amplification of vitality in addition to increased resistance to prolonged physical effort. This more concentrated formula guarantees an increase in memory, concentration and attention capacities.

Miviton Plus is an excellent protector of neurobiological capital and organic vitality.

Miviton, a provider of physical and mental energy for the whole family!