Comment choisir un supplément de vitamine C de qualité? - Vogel Saint-Jérôme

How do I choose a quality vitamin C supplement?

Vitamin C is without a doubt the most popular and most supplemented vitamin in North America. This vitamin is unique and very important for the human organism. Did you know that the cellular integrity of all tissues and organs depends on it? This is a major element to consider before choosing a good vitamin C.

This vitamin governs the formation of the “intercellular mortar”. It helps in the production of energy, it stimulates the immune system by increasing the production of lymphocytes, accelerating the healing process and preventing premature aging.

The different vitamin C compounds

Generally, vitamin C supplements sold in stores are composed of ascorbic acid. This vitamin C compound is less preferable than others such as calcium ascorbate, better known as Ester-C. This formula is supplemented with metabolites constituting the most active form of vitamin C on the market.

Unlike that made up of ascorbic acid, vitamin Ester-C is better absorbed by the body and stays there longer. That based on ascorbic acid is eliminated quickly in the urine, not allowing the human body to absorb it well. Poor absorption can cause gas, bloating and other discomforts due to its acidity and the speed at which it transacts through the digestive system. Ester-C does not cause discomfort since its calcium ascorbate neutralizes intestinal acids, thus allowing absorption without problems.

A feature that makes all the difference!

Vitamin Ester-C has an additional peculiarity; it is supplemented with bioflavonoids which also improve absorption on a daily basis. In addition, bioflavonoids have anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine (allergy) and antioxidant properties.

They are usually found in brightly colored fruits and vegetables, the same ones that naturally contain a higher intake of vitamin C. We are thinking in particular of orange, lemon, red peppers.

How much vitamin C should I take per day?

Health Canada recommends a daily intake of vitamin C between 1000mg and 2000mg per day for a maintenance dose. However, the body's vitamin C needs are much higher during times of increased mental or physical stress, not to mention during cold, flu and/or allergy season.

Studies have shown that a high dose of vitamin C can double the activity rate of white blood cells, which are the warrior cells of our immune system.

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