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Are probiotics good for me?

As you probably already know, probiotics are live bacteria that promote good digestive and intestinal health. For some people, they are downright the vector of better health and they can not live without them.

The bacteria in your intestines do much more than digest your meals. They form the protective barrier between your body and foreigners who attempt to enter your system. When an imbalance occurs, your intestinal flora is no longer able to protect you adequately, leaving you at greater risk.

What is the role of good bacteria?

The bacteria that make up your gut flora play three important roles:

  • They secrete beneficial vitamins and enzymes that help break down food to better assimilate nutrients.
  • They help to increase the population of beneficial bacteria and to maintain the balance of the intestinal flora.
  • They are the main barrier between foreign bodies and your body.

Should I take a probiotic daily?

It is proven by clinical studies that taking probiotics helps support a balanced and healthy intestinal flora. There are different types of probiotics suitable for different needs.

For example, when faced with taking antibiotics, it is beneficial to support your gut flora with more potent probiotics than those taken daily. We're talking about a minimum of 50 billion bacteria per serving/capsule over a set period of time.

Normally, a probiotic with a lower bacteria content does the job perfectly. Some will prefer 12 billion to 25 billion bacteria daily.

Which one to choose?

A wide choice is available in grocery stores, pharmacies and natural product stores. It goes without saying that you should seek advice from your healthcare professional before settling on a particular product.

At Vogel St-Jérôme , we were delighted with the announcement of the new Bio-K Plus product line. This company already offered probiotics in the form of refrigerated yogurts made from fermented milk, fermented soy and fermented rice. Their offer also included the already very popular probiotic capsules .

The addition of the range of yogurts made with fermented peas (raspberry flavor) as well as fermented oats and pumpkin seeds (lemon and ginger flavor with 80 billion bacteria) completes their range perfectly.

Not only are these probiotics delicious, but they adapt perfectly to all dietary needs. Plus, all of their products are gluten-free . The old adage was true: to try it is to adopt it!

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