Quelle couleur d’argile dois-je utiliser pour mes soins du visage? - Vogel Saint-Jérôme

What clay color should I use for my facials?

Yellow, red, pink, white, green, it's a real headache when it comes time to choose the clay that suits us! There are different types of clays adapted to the specific characteristics of each skin. Some people have oilier skin while other people have dry skin, which is why it's important to use a clay that's right for you. Clay now has more than one color to its credit.

A clay mask helps cleanse the skin and exfoliate it well. When done right. Many people have the reflex to let the clay dry on their face, when it should not be done. The clay should be allowed to dry on the surface, but never so much that it cracks or threatens to fall apart. We must feel it still wet on our face when removing it.

We often think of the kind of greenish mud when we talk about clay, but this is not necessarily the case anymore, you will find out!

Characteristics of different clay colors

Green clay is ideal for oily skin. Known in different forms; crushed, fine, superfine, ready-to-use, green clay cleanses the skin of the face with infinite gentleness and gently absorbs the excess sebum that accumulates.

White clay is suitable for dull skin. A mask of this type is a source of softness and comfort. It cleans and purifies the skin by absorbing the toxins accumulated in your pores. It is rich in trace elements leaving minerals useful to your epidermis.

Pink clay is ideal for sensitive and reactive skin. It has decongestant qualities and takes care of the most delicate skin with extreme gentleness. 

Red clay is suitable for normal and dry skin. It brings a natural balance to your skin by rebalancing it and enhancing its luminosity. 

Yellow clay is suitable for combination skin. Whether you have more sensitive, drier or oilier areas, it is perfect for your skin type. It gently exfoliates by providing the minerals necessary to regenerate your skin. It has stimulating properties and optimizes cell reoxygenation.

Argiletz Laboratoires offers a complete range of ready-to-use colored clays that we really like. This company also offers clay in different compositions, see them here .

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