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How to improve your diet easily

How to improve your diet easily

The best way to fill up on nutrients quickly and easily is with a supplement rich in green foods! Find out how much you can get from just one scoop of this easy-to-introduce supplement into any routine.

For all those who want to keep green in their diet throughout the year, the Genuine Health company offers its Greens+ range for all needs.

Just one scoop of Greens+ provides you with the daily essentials to optimize your nutrition and provide you with energy for the whole day!

It's the easiest way to optimize your nutrition while filling nutritional gaps, alkalizing your body and promoting overall good health.

Greens+ contains:

-Plant extracts

In just 1 measure of Greens+ you will benefit from:
-24x the alkalizing ability of broccoli
-11x the fiber content of apples
-62x the antioxidant capacity of green tea
-7x the antioxidant capacity of blueberries
-6x the vitamin K of alfalfa sprouts
-5x the vitamin C of goji berries
-And even more!

Just one daily scoop of Greens+ optimizes your diet with the nutritional power of over 20 plant nutrients.

Different Greens+ for different needs

Greens+ Original

-Increases fruit and vegetable intake
- Nourishes the body
-Increases energy
-Balances pH
-Improves mental acuity
-Supports the immune system
-Improves digestion
-Supports bone health

Greens+ Extra Energy

- Nourishes the body
-Increases vitality with the power of original Greens+ and whole food energy boosters
-Explosion of natural energy to start the day with enthusiasm

Greens+ Multi

-Maximizes the benefits of Greens+ Original and is a high potency, complete multivitamin
-Fills nutritional gaps
-Supports the immune system

Greens+ Daily Detox

- Nourishes the body
-Supports detoxification with the power of original Greens+ plus powerful whole foods and botanicals that gently cleanse the body.
-Improves digestion
-Improves the quality of sleep

Greens+, a formula whose effectiveness has been demonstrated by research and whose benefits you will quickly notice!

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