Les différentes huiles essentielles pour le printemps et leurs bienfaits! - Vogel Saint-Jérôme

The different essential oils for spring and their benefits!

The time to open the windows is upon us (yes yes) and we want to refresh the air in the house naturally. What's better than a good spring breeze? A variety of essential oils that will put a sweet fragrance of your choice in your home!

Where do essential oils come from?

Most essential oils come from a process of distillation and steam entrainment, except for orange, lemon and bergamot. This process extracts the oils from the plants by steam which can be recovered once the steam has subsided.

Did you know that to produce one liter of rose essential oil, it can take almost 4 tons of rose petals? This explains the high cost of certain rarer or more difficult to produce essential oils.

The different ways to use essential oils

The best known way to use essential oils is certainly the one where you put the essential oils in a diffuser (with a background of water) which allows the fragrance to be diffused throughout the room.

Some people use a diffuser with a candle where the drops of essential oils are placed in a container above a candle.

You can also mix a few drops of essential oils with a base oil like sweet almond oil to make a homemade massage oil.

There are also nebulizers that split the drops of essential oils to maximize the beneficial effects on health.

The different qualities of essential oils

There are several types of essential oils: scented, unscented, organic. It is important to favor organic and unscented essential oils such as those from the Pranarôm company. They are natural and they will be more pleasant to diffuse than scented oils (with the addition of perfume to amplify the fragrance).

It is very important not to apply essential oils directly to the skin. As they are extremely concentrated for the most part, there may be a danger for the skin. Pregnant women must be extremely careful about consuming or diffusing the fragrances of certain essential oils which can cause contractions.

Discover different popular fragrances throughout the year

Eucalyptus for its decongestant and comforting side, lavender for its soothing and calming side, ravintsara for its antiseptic aspect and several others such as grapefruit or lemon for their antiseptic properties and to stimulate the proper functioning of the digestive system! There are also oil blends like Champs de Provence, if you want a sweet floral scent.

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