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Norwegian Gold: Supreme Fish Oil

There are a large number of fish oil supplements on the market, but Norwegian Gold Supreme Fish Oils surpass the global standards for quality and purity set for fish oils.

These Renew Life Norwegian Gold fish oils benefit from Ultragest technology, which ensures surprising assimilation. Each capsule is enteric coated to ensure fish oils are delivered directly to the intestines and optimally digested.
This targeted release method gives these oils 3x better uptake than uncoated fish oils and eliminates the unpleasant aftertaste.

In the Norwegian Gold oils there is also lipase, an enzyme responsible for the digestion of fats, which improves the digestion and assimilation of the beneficial oils of each formula.

Although lipase is considered essential for the complete digestion of oils, most fish oil supplements are devoid of it.

Norwegian Gold Supreme Fish Oils surpasses all global standards to bring you the purest fish oils possible. Each formula undergoes a minimum of three stages of purification to ensure the highest levels of freshness as well as the absence of any chemical or toxic substances.

Backed by rigorous quality systems and tested by independent laboratories under the IFOS (international fish oil standards) program, they are guaranteed free of contaminants such as PCBs, pesticides and heavy metals. The IFOS program has awarded a 5-star rating to the Norwegian Gold Supreme Fish Oil range, reserved for ''extra fine and super concentrated fish oils'', the 5 rating ensures a product of exceptional purity and a high level of activity.

The Norwegian Gold Supreme range of fish oils

Super Critical Omega
Is the highest dose fish oil supplement, 1025mg of omega 3 per capsule . It is formulated for chronic health conditions requiring EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) support or for those looking for the most potent and best formula.
It can also be taken daily for the maintenance of good health, one capsule per day.

Critical Omega
This contains 840mg of omega 3 per capsule . It is designed for those who are looking for such a supplement to remedy health problems or who have a history of health problems, such as cardiovascular, intestinal or inflammatory disorders and cholesterol. Similarly, it can also be taken for the maintenance of good health.

Norwegian Gold Supreme fish oils are some of the finest fish oils in the world. 3 times better assimilated , added with lipase for better assimilation from pure and sustainable sources, to ensure its general well-being.

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