Pourquoi se faire suer en ménopause? - Vogel Saint-Jérôme

Why sweat in menopause?

Hot flashes, night sweats, we don't want them anymore!

Among the long list of manifestations that accompany menopause, hot flashes undoubtedly rank first with rates of up to 88% in post-menopausal women, while night sweats affect 79% of them!

Hot flashes are a reaction of the body to the decrease in the supply of estrogen which naturally occurs in women as they approach menopause. In some, estrogen levels drop gradually and cause few of these temperature rises. But in others, the production of estrogen by the ovaries stops abruptly (as during menopause induced by surgery). For these women, hot flashes can be a real ordeal.

Sage, plant par excellence to fight against the heat associated with menopause

Sage has been recognized for a very long time for its medicinal virtues, it is its compounds (its volatile oils) with pharmacological action that give it its remarkable properties and its use as a panacea.

It is its antispasmodic and astringent action which could explain its usefulness against excessive sweating and hot flashes.

In clinical trials with women with hot flashes, the A.Vogel MenoForce supplement (containing 3400mg of organically grown sage per tablet) has been shown to be effective and tolerable.

Clinical Trial Results :

  • After 4 weeks, the average number of hot flashes had dropped by 50%
  • After 8 weeks, this number had decreased by 64%
  • During the 8th week, the number of hot flushes was still decreasing, allowing to anticipate other reductions with a treatment

The more intense the puffs, the more striking the results :

  • Low intensity puffs reduced by 46%
  • Moderate intensity puffs decreased by 62%
  • Severe flushes decreased by 79%
  • Very severe flushes have been eliminated.

Get effective relief from hot flashes with MenoForce .

NB: Sage would not act on the same level as estrogen and can therefore be taken in combination with hormone replacement therapy.