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Detoxify your body to replenish your energy!

Optimize your health by preparing your body for winter.

Help him by providing him with the necessary elements to get rid of accumulated toxins by doing a cure. Why a cure?

  • To increase your energy
  • To boost your immunity
  • To eliminate overloaded toxins
  • To improve the assimilation of nutrients

Here are the main reasons for an autumn cure, a good time to cleanse the body in order to replenish your energy for the colder and less luminous seasons.

We know that our body is designed to cleanse itself and has multiple elimination pathways to get rid of, eliminate toxins and waste. But it may happen that this mechanism is not sufficient in the face of excesses, especially on vacation, or deficiencies in diet, lifestyle (stress, lack of sleep) or the environment (pollution).

The result is the accumulation of toxins and the appearance of a variety of symptoms such as fatigue, water retention, laziness and/or irritability of the intestine, the appearance of pimples, cellulite , extra pounds and sometimes a weaker immune system.

Autumn cure

The autumn cure is then recommended to stimulate the organs of elimination and accelerate lymphatic exchanges in order to drive out toxins and purify the body to regain its energy.

To achieve a gentle and complete detoxification, it takes about 3 weeks. In general, this is the time needed to allow the body to self-regulate and eliminate the surplus of accumulated toxins.

Optimize your fall cure by applying these habits:

  • Prioritize a nutritious and balanced diet
  • Drink 2-3 liters of water a day to support the kidneys
  • Exercise (circulation/oxygenation)
  • Get enough sleep for body recovery and repair

Several cures are available at Vogel St-Jérôme and to help you in your choice, the advisers will be happy to help you.

Have a good cure and enjoy the fall!

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