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Probiotics, favorable to life!

Good bacteria to come to the rescue of your health.

Our body has a hundred billion bacteria, most of which reside in the intestines. Bacteria that naturally grow in the intestinal tract help nourish and defend not only the intestines, but the rest of the body as well.

These beneficial bacteria that we all know are called Probiotics , a term that means “supporting life”.

When there is an imbalance of good bacteria, our intestinal protection system is compromised and health suffers. Maintaining our intestinal flora in balance is one of the keys to its health.

The intestinal flora (microbiome) is an incredibly diverse ecosystem, an internal garden where thousands of species of microorganisms live together.

Today, more and more scientists consider it as an organ in itself! Since it has a lot of impact on our body.

There is a panoply of probiotic supplements to keep our intestinal flora at its best with different strains, amounts and forms.

A probiotic formula particularly stands out. This is that of the company Genuine Health, a new formula of probiotics to be taken daily.

These probiotics are:

  • Composed of 15 strains chosen for their affinity with the human intestinal flora.
  • Available in 15 and 50 billion bacteria per capsule.
  • Delayed-release vegetarian capsules containing fermented probiotics to ensure strains survive stomach acid and reach the gut, where they thrive.
  • Stable at room temperature .
  • Allow other bacteria in the intestinal flora to grow and be more effective.

15 strains to maintain, repair and restore your health.

Genuine Health's Advanced Gut Health Probiotic, take daily for year-round health!

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