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Defenders of your Gut

If you're looking for an essential daily supplement for you and all your family members, go with probiotics.

Probiotics are the good bacteria that normally live in our body. The microorganisms found in the intestine form what is called the intestinal microflora, which consists of thousands of species of bacteria.

Beneficial bacteria in our gut flora help the body function properly and stay healthy.
In the magazine Science et Avenir of April 2016, it is written: "Science itself cannot believe that today it discovers the incredible powers of bacteria, which make up our microbiota, intestinal flora, because by sending signals throughout the organization they have an impact...”

In summary, when the ratio of good and bad bacteria is disturbed or when our good bacteria are lacking, certain problems begin to appear: “Just as many diseases have their origin, at least in part, in this disturbance” ( Science and Future - April 2016)
“The results of research on our intestinal flora are invaluable. We talk about the superpowers of your belly”

Our belly, but more precisely, our intestinal flora:
- Controls… our state of form and our natural defenses,
- Regulates… our biological rhythms and our sleep,
- Influences… our alertness and our memory,
- Dictates… our energy intake, our growth and our weight gain,
- Determines… the rate at which we age,
- Decide… on our hunger and the foods we like to eat

Since supplements and probiotics are all different and do not act in the same way, do not hesitate to consult one of our consultants in store to help you choose the best.

Probiotics for a healthy intestinal flora!

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