OMEGA-3…pour une belle fourrure - Vogel Saint-Jérôme

OMEGA-3…for beautiful fur

And much more than just omegas!!!

It's the moulting period for us animals and who says moult, says a lot of hair everywhere! . Ideal for dogs and cats , omega-3 is of course a must for beautiful fur.

Fish oil omegas are also very effective in helping to improve the quality and resistance of our skin. Recommended against dermatitis, itching, allergies , which affects many of us.

And did you know that fish omega-3s are also excellent anti-inflammatories?

And that they are used to improve the health of our kidneys and our heart (cardiovascular system)?

And that they are useful during periods of learning, canine education? Of course, for us also a question of having better results, useful for a young dog who lacks focus, like me!

Make sure you have a good natural omega-3 oil, cold pressed, purified without being denatured (without toxins, pesticides and heavy metals), which provides us with a good amount of essential fatty acids (EPA/DHA) . Easy to digest, with a good taste, you just have to pour on our food and/or croquettes the dose that corresponds to our body weight.

I suggest you use it especially during moulting , like right now. Because as you can see, the change of winter/summer fur is obvious, we are losing hair!!!

So either per period of change or every other day on a regular basis, especially if your animal tends to have itching, excessive scratching and / or skin allergies .

Enjoy the good weather!

Mr. Watson

nb Do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian for any persistent symptoms.