Omegas for Skin and Coat - Zanimo

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Zanimo's Omega 3-6-9 formula protects your pets' skin naturally. The Omega formula hydrates, nourishes and protects their skin from excessive scratching.

Excessive scratching can occur for many reasons in animals. Whether it's because they have dry skin, because they suffer from seasonal allergies or due to a skin infection.

In addition, omega 3-6-9 meet your animals' needs for essential fatty acids.

Applies in prevention and treatment:
  • Safe for pets 2 months and older
  • Suitable for birds, dogs, cats, horses and many other animal breeds,
  • Easy application internally, as well as externally on their coat


  • Follow the recommendations on the label according to your pet's breed and weight
  • Do not administer to pregnant and lactating females.


    • If undesirable effects appear while using the product, stop using it and consult an animal health professional.
    • For any persistent disorder, do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian.
    • Our advice does not replace a veterinary diagnosis.