White clay - A. Vogel

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Natural product used for clay masks and to relieve dry and sensitive skin



Used as a beauty mask, White clay is ideal for sensitive and dry skin. Also used as foot deodorant. Benefit from clay's vital constituents with white clay beauty mask.

  • Colloidal clay of surfine quality
  • The colloidal property acts as cleansing agent and helps to remove impurities.
  • 100% natural, without additives or preservatives
  • For sensitive / dry skin
  • Used for beauty mask, mud bath, baby powder and foot deodorant


How to use

External use: Use an enamel, wood, glass or earthenware container, do not use plastic or metal (except stainless steel). Mix 1/2 cup (125 mL) of clay in the container.
Keep some clay aside to thicken the mixture if necessary*.
Add unboiled water until it forms a firm paste. Let the mixture stand undisturbed for one hour. The resulting paste should be smooth, homogeneous, and thick enough that it will not flow.

*Begin by making a watery mix. It is easier to thicken than to thin the paste.

  • Always use unboiled water.
  • You may prepare enough clay for several days use.
  • Discard clay after use.


  • Avoid using during pregnancy or nursing.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Our advices do not replace the opinion of a doctor.



100% surfine white clay (kaolin).