BioFats - Biologic VET

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BioFats benefits the skin, coat and joints of your dogs and cats. Biologic Vet's BioFats is formulated with fish, flax and olive oil to provide complete fatty acids for your pets active life.

The formula supports the normal development and healthy aging of your pets. BioFats maintains good joint health in addition to relieving allergies that may occur in dogs and cats.


  • Relieves allergies and reactions such as: dry skin, sensitive areas, excess yeast and excessive hair loss,
  • Maintains healthy joints and connective tissues
  • Promotes normal development and healthy aging in dogs and cats Recipe contains enzymes for optimal absorption


  • See label for recommendations based on your pet's weight.


  • For any persistent disorder, do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian.
  • Our advice does not replace a veterinary diagnosis.