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Helps your skin and joints, helps you recover faster from injuries, supports your cardiovascular system and improves your physical performance and bone density.

It contains ten grams of pure bovine-source hydrolyzed collagen from grass-fed, pasture-raised, USDA-certified cows.

pure collagen is...

    • easy to absorb: Ten grams of pure hydrolyzed collagen per serving.
    • Obtained through sustainable and conscious methods: Bovine-sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised, USDA-certified cows. This source is a by-product of other industries that otherwise would not be used.
    • easy to use: Simply mix pure collagen into water, coffee, tea, smoothie, energy balls, oatmeal or soup… the list goes on!
    • free of gluten, dairy and GMOs.
    • available with no added flavor (completely odorless and tasteless!) or in pineapple\berry flavor to flavor your water


Adults: Add one scoop (10.76 g) per day to the hot or cold drink of your choice and mix until completely dissolved.


  • Consult a health care practitioner before taking this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. May cause mild gastrointestinal disturbances.
  • Our advice does not replace the advice of a doctor.