Labrador Tea - 25g Bag - Camellia Sinensis

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Labrador Tea, or Ledon from Greenland, has in fact nothing to do with the tea plant, but its therapeutic virtues are sought after and as enviable as those of camellia sinensis. This wild picking comes from the moors of Lac St-Jean where the plant is exposed to the warm rays of the sun.

The presence of stems may seem surprising at first, but it is in this part of the herbal tea that the greatest concentration of the benefits associated with Labrador Tea resides. The infusion is delicately tangy, vegetal and reminiscent of fir and dill.

Its essential oil is considered anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and effective in treating various bronchopulmonary conditions. Labrador Tea is also recognized for a host of other benefits related to the menstrual cycle and insomnia among others.

Ingredients: stem, leaf and bud of Labrador tea ( Rhododendron groenlandicum ).


  • Due to its high tannin content, large doses or prolonged steeping may cause stomach cramps and upsets. It is therefore preferable not to infuse it too long and to moderate its consumption.
  • Consumption is also not recommended for pregnant women six months or less and children under six years of age.