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Skullcap – allied to stress

When our internal mechanisms can no longer cope with our stress, skullcap can come to our rescue!

No one is immune to stress (negative and/or positive), it is part of today's life which takes place at a frantic pace. Luckily for us, our bodies have mechanisms to deal with everyday stress, so mild stress can often go unnoticed. However, if it is extreme or too prolonged, the defense mechanisms are often no longer sufficient for the task and this has repercussions on our physical and/or mental health.

When these internal mechanisms can no longer cope with our stress, we better think about giving them a little boost!

The boost we recommend is skullcap .

Skullcap is a very tonic plant, it supports the general state of our nervous system, particularly during excessive physical and/or mental work.

It can be a global solution to allow us to face our days in a more serene way and to rest better at night.

It is used over long periods to help recalcitrant nervous disorders. It is a medicinal plant recognized more and more for its hypotensive effect as well as its tonic and calming effect in the nervous conditions, the tensions related to the heart, to the emotions. It is the plant of the heart, both physical and emotional, for states of crisis, anxiety and anguish.

Skullcap is an ally to help us better manage stress, calm our nervousness and sleep better.

It is the most indicated plant during pregnancy in the case of hypertension, nervousness or insomnia.

It can be used for prevention or treatment, in herbal tea, tincture or capsules. 

Skullcap , the plant for sunnier days!