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The 4 Virtues of this Indispensable Booster for a Harmonious Body

Do you know this tonic, great friend of the liver?

This is the Swedish Elixir , a liquid formula that is composed of several bitter plants known for their general health benefits. Its effectiveness is in fact based on 4 basic virtues which greatly help the body. Here they are :

1. General tonic

The Swedish Elixir is a real pick-me-up that releases the energy spent fighting fatigue to put it at the service of a reinforced functioning of the organism.

2. Digestive

Digestive in the noble sense of the word. This liquor effectively opens the way to the work of digestion and contributes to the proper functioning of intestinal transit.

3. Depurative

The Elixir helps the body eliminate toxins that have become stuck due to a more sedentary lifestyle.

4. Vector of health

It allows the body freed from its toxins to better assimilate the vitamins and trace elements present in our diet. The Swedish Elixir also enhances the effectiveness of dietary products and plants.

The virtues of the Swedish Elixir are assumed by its main components:

  • Aloe : Tonic effect on intestinal transit and bile secretion.
  • Angelica : Promotes the proper functioning of the stomach and stimulates the appetite. This plant also strengthens the natural defenses.
  • Natural camphor : Tones the vascular and nervous systems. Moreover, it participates in the synergy of the different plants contained in the Elixir.
  • Carline : Bitter tonic which has an action on the liver and bile production and which promotes the balance of natural defences.
  • Manna : Very mild laxative that helps regulate the pancreas.
  • Myrrh : General anti-infective depurative tonic.
  • Chinese rhubarb : Specific agent for bile secretion, tonic for intestinal transit and depurative action.
  • Saffron : Tonic for the nervous, stomachic and digestive systems.
  • Senna : Tonic for intestinal transit.
  • The zeodoary : General tonic, depurative and digestive.

In short, the Swedish Elixir is a traditional formula in herbal medicine that has proven itself for a long time.

Adopting it regularly is a guarantee of better health!

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