Pourquoi vous avez vraiment besoin d'une détox cet automne? - Vogel Saint-Jérôme

Why do you really need a detox this fall?

Here are the indications that justify the need for an autumn cure:

Labored digestion, gas, bloating, slow liver, nausea after meals, high cholesterol, digestive migraine, constipation...

Our body is used to eliminating toxins through the emunctories (skin, liver, kidneys, etc.). However, with our way of life, our organs sometimes need a boost to facilitate this natural cleansing. A detox cure allows the liver to regenerate and the body to purify itself to then be stronger and ready to face external threats. It is important to clean the liver first since it is one of the most stressed organs.

Nutripur 's Fluxobile cure is formulated from traditional medicinal plants that help restore better digestion while stimulating biliary functions. It's a 20-day program that works to gently eliminate accumulated toxins that disrupt liver functions.

Medicinal plants that make up the cure:

  • Black radish: It is composed of glucosinolates, active ingredients that lead to relief of digestive disorders, especially those related to the bile ducts.
  • Boldo: It is used to curb various digestive disorders. It is also recommended to soothe gastrointestinal spasms.
  • Artichoke: It is a valuable aid in curbing digestive disorders and hepatic disorders in addition to helping to reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Dandelion: It is used to restore liver functions and promote the flow of bile. By increasing liver and bile activity, it has a purifying effect on the blood.

Fluxobile , a simple and effective solution to put the digestive system back in place!

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