Respirer par le nez n'aura jamais été aussi important! - Vogel Saint-Jérôme

Breathing through your nose has never been so important!

Breathe through the nose to relax, breathe through the nose to appreciate a smell, breathe through the nose to live.

Breathing is vital to filter bacteria and dust that can enter our body, but also to bring oxygen to our organs and tissues. Our body has developed powerful innate defense mechanisms that permanently protect and regenerate the airways against most bacteria, particles and viruses entering it. We must not forget that the lung, a complex organ, is a gateway for certain micro-organisms and viruses.

Here are the different reasons why we should protect our airways:

  • To help us prevent colds and flu
  • To help those experiencing temporary breathing problems such as asthma, chest congestion, sinus problems...
  • To help people who suffer from seasonal allergies
  • For all those who are exposed to air pollution on a daily basis

There are several herbs and supplements that can help protect and support our airways to help us breathe well.

We particularly like the Natural Factors Healthy Lungs, Bronchi and Sinuses product for its formula with decongestant, expectorant and soothing properties. This is a set where each ingredient has been chosen for its similar and complementary properties:

  • Mullein : promotes lung capacity, anti-inflammatory
  • Ivy extract : soothes coughs and clears the respiratory tract
  • Horehound : thins bronchial secretions
  • Black cherry bark : soothes and repairs mucous membranes
  • Marshmallow root: antitussive
  • Bromelain : decongests the airways
  • N-acetyl-cysteine ​​(NAC) : thins bronchial secretions

To breathe well, all year round!