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Advanced Gut Health for a Balanced Microbiome

Everyone lives with their own personal microbiome, a highly diverse ecosystem.

Better known as the gut flora, it is an "inner garden" of thousands of species of microorganisms. The micro-organisms, which are found in the intestinal flora, make it so important for health that many scientists consider it to be an organ in itself.

Ideally, this “garden” develops thanks to a balanced biodiversity to maintain our healthy digestive system, but also our immune system, our mood and the proper functioning of the whole body. When our microbiome fails, so does our health...

If you have a healthy lifestyle, no health issues, a gut-friendly diet that includes yogurt, kefir, and/or milk, that may be enough to meet your probiotic needs.

However, probiotic supplements are always recommended during a dietary change, a period of stress, taking medication (antibiotic or anti-inflammatory), immune deficiency, advanced age, menopause, diet high in protein and fat, but low in fruits and vegetables, food allergies or hypersensitivity, surgery, chronic or acute bowel disease or simply to maintain overall good health.

All probiotics are not alike since the therapeutic effect and effectiveness of probiotics vary according to the bacterial strains they contain, but also according to the manufacturing technique and quality control. For the same strain of bacteria, the effects can be very different from one product to another.

Studies have been done to compare the effectiveness of multi-strain versus single-strain probiotics and in 75% of cases, multi-strain formulas have been found to be more effective. Hence the relevance of promoting a probiotic formula that contains several species.

Here are the benefits that motivate us to choose Genuine Health Advanced Gut Health probiotics:

  • Multiple strains
  • Dairy free
  • Gluten free
  • Soy free
  • GMO free
  • Require no refrigeration

Who are they for?

For people who suffer from bloating and whose digestive system is weakened.
For people who are struggling with food intolerances and allergies.
For those with a weakened immune system.
For people whose ideas are confused and whose mood is unstable.
For people who are struggling with skin problems.
Anyone who cares about their health and wants to be productive with their health.

Routine is the key. Taking probiotics daily is the best way to have a healthy gut microbiome!