Vous en avez assez des bouffées de chaleur dues à la ménopause? - Vogel Saint-Jérôme

Tired of hot flashes due to menopause?

Hot flashes are one of the first symptoms of menopause in women. Also, they can start very early in the menopause process and continue for some time. Menopause means the absence of menstruation for more than a year in women. However, there is perimenopause which precedes menopause which can occur 10 to 15 years before the onset of menopause.

What causes hot flashes?

Hot flashes are a reaction of the body to the decrease in estrogen intake as menopause approaches. For some women, the drop in estrogen is gradual, creating constant but moderate hot flashes. For some, the production of hormones stops abruptly, which causes real agony for these women. 

The solutions to your hot flashes.

The Womensense company specializes in the production of natural products designed for women's health.

Womensense is a formula that helps counter the adverse effects of menopause. This formula contains black cohosh, chasteberry, gamma-oryzanol, hesperidin and dong quai which help stabilize hormonal fluctuations and ease the transition throughout menopause. 

Estrosense , on the other hand, supports the balance of estrogen in your body which alleviates the undesirable symptoms of menopause.

In both cases the products represent a good formula to help you improve the period of menopause.

Womensense is available in a 90 capsule format and in a bonus format of 210 capsules.

Estrosense is available in 60 capsules or 150 capsules (bonus format) .

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