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You are tired? Let's talk about your adrenals!

Many people associate fatigue simply with a lack of daily sleep. Fatigue can come from several sources and not only due to a lack of rest. Accumulated stress, anxiety and a stressful work environment are factors that can aggravate daily fatigue. 

Adrenal fatigue refers to fatigue that is akin to symptoms such as muscle fatigue, body aches, nervousness, sleep disturbances and even digestive disturbances.

Is the fatigue I feel normal?

Prolonged exposure to stress leads to physiological changes in our body. Over-stimulation of our sympathetic nervous system affects our ability to be well rested and deal with day-to-day stress. Health professionals can help you better identify certain chronic fatigue disorders such as adrenal fatigue. 

Specifically, during prolonged stress, the adrenal glands located above the kidneys are responsible for releasing a small amount of cortisol and adrenaline. When they release these hormones, that's when the body can fall into a state of fatigue.

Too long exposure to a stressful environment causes too much cortisol production. In small doses this hormone helps the body to overcome a state of crisis, but too much production can cause diseases as it inhibits the immune system. 

What are the possible solutions?

First, identify the sources of stress in order to eliminate or reduce them yourself. Try to dedicate some quiet time to yourself every day without a mobile or cell phone. Avoid spending time with stressful people. Practicing mindfulness and deep breathing can help recover from stressful situations. Try to eat at regular times to regulate your metabolism.

You can also eat a diet that favors fish, eggs, nuts, green leafy vegetables, olive and grapeseed oils, and low-sugar fruits. Foods containing refined sugar, bleached flour, caffeine and alcohol should be avoided to improve your state of health.

Certain vitamins like vitamin B and C and magnesium are good for reducing stress and improving your health, but there are also products designed specifically for adrenal fatigue. New Roots Herbal have developed a product called Adrenal (Adrenal) that helps you recover during times of intense fatigue. Do not hesitate to consult a health professional at Vogel St-Jérôme to obtain more information on this subject!

Good rest!