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3 things you absolutely need to know about psyllium!

Some natural supplements are sometimes shunned in our daily diet. Psyllium is one of the supplements that are neglected and even forgotten in our lives today. However, psyllium has a host of health benefits and it doesn't stop there. It is a great asset to have in the kitchen for your recipes.

Did you know that?

Psyllium is a powder made from the husk containing the seeds of the plant. It exists in two forms, either blonde and/or brown. The benefits are mainly concentrated in blond psyllium because it has a higher content

Tip no. 1:

Psyllium is used as an intestinal regulator for people struggling with certain digestive problems.

When consumed, (by diluting it in a glass of water or juice), it swells and acts in the form of a gel in order to create a wall which allows better digestion of food and decreases the irritation of your digestive system by softening the passage of digested food on its walls.

Psyllium is also a natural laxative, helping to regulate your comings and goings to the bathroom!

Tip no. 2:

Psyllium is also known to help regulate blood sugar. Studies have shown that psyllium has the ability to alter food in the gut. Its high fiber content slows the absorption of glucose and sugar in the blood. Psyllium should be consumed between 3 and 6g per day, three times a day (during meals). You can incorporate it into your meals, dressings and salads without any problem, while other people prefer to mix it with their glass of water to consume it more directly.

In addition, psyllium is known to have an appetite suppressant effect. Psyllium powder can absorb up to 8 times its weight

Tip no. 3:

Psyllium is an essential tool for your everyday meals. Psyllium is a plant that allows your breads, pastries and pastries to be softer. It is ideal for a gluten-free diet where it is difficult to bake soft breads like those from popular brands with gluten.

It can also be used as a thickener in your sauces, salad dressings and soups. Lightly sprinkle some psyllium and add more as needed.

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