Les bienfaits du GABA sur le stress et l’anxiété - Vogel Saint-Jérôme

The benefits of GABA on stress and anxiety

Do you know GABA? GABA is a very common neurotransmitter in neurons. The GABA receptor is a neurotransmitter that serves to slow down the transmission of nerve signals. Without GABA in your body, neurons could transmit nerve signals the wrong way.

Its natural function is therefore to lower the nervous activity of the neurons where it attaches, so it is essential to promote relaxation. GABA also plays a role in certain stages of memorization and has the function of controlling fear and anxiety on a daily basis.

What are the signs of a GABA deficiency?

Several signs can show a deficiency in GABA in everyday life. 

The most likely signals are these:

  • Having trouble concentrating because of nervousness
  • have tremors 
  • feel out of breath
  • Have profuse sweating
  • Feeling tired after a good night's sleep
  • have mood swings

Can I take a GABA supplement?

GABA is naturally available in certain plants, but it is also available via certain natural supplements. 

Some foods help to synthesize it: 

Vegetables like broccoli and spinach, oats, lentils, potatoes, and certain fruits like bananas and oranges can help synthesize GABA better.

Rest and the practice of physical activity also help to better synthesize it in your daily life.

It is also possible to take a natural GABA supplement. Natural Factors offers two formats, either chewable tablets or easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsules . The tablets are very good in taste and are also suitable for children. 

It's an excellent solution if you feel overwhelmed by stress, anxiety and you can't manage to calm the excessive nervousness that is in you. Use GABA daily to help you reduce and better manage anxiety and daily stress.