Pourquoi prendre du zinc? - Vogel Saint-Jérôme

Why take zinc?

Zinc provides several benefits for the proper functioning of your body. Mainly, it has the effect of stimulating the immune system by increasing the synthesis of T lymphocytes.

The role of T lymphocytes

T lymphocytes are responsible for cellular immunity because they have the ability to destroy cells recognized as infected. They make up 80% of the lymphocytes in your body. In the presence of a bacterium, virus or fungus, the T cells multiply and associate with the white blood cells to get rid of the threat. Interestingly, T cells have a memory to remember characteristics of the “invader”.

The benefits of zinc

Zinc is a trace element, that is to say a mineral salt present in low proportion in the human body. Its role is essential: it stimulates immune defences, it acts as a protector against cell aging, it helps maintain the quality of your skin, nails and hair. Zinc also helps improve the synthesis of hormones such as testosterone and helps regulate blood sugar levels through its action on insulin.

In what foods is zinc found?

Foods rich in zinc are oysters (16.7 mg), red meat (12.9 mg), wholemeal bread (1.23 mg) and egg yolk (3.05 mg). Other foods contain it, but in less quantity than the previous ones. Medium cooked fish, cooked vegetables and lentil vegetables, for example, contain it, but at less than 1 mg per serving. A human finds on average 40% of the necessary zinc in his diet. However, for many people, it is rare that this 40% is reached.

How much zinc should I consume?

This is why the naturopaths at Vogel Saint-Jérôme recommend taking a zinc supplement daily. For women, it is suggested to take a supplement of 25 mg per day. For men, supplementation can be up to 50 mg per day.

There are several supplements like Natural Factors Chelated Zinc which is easily absorbed by your body with a dosage of 25mg per capsule. It is also possible for men to consume Zinc Citrate at 50 mg per capsule .

In short, zinc is an excellent asset to take in the transitions of seasons, particularly in the cold season given its beneficial effects on the immune system. It is inexpensive, so an excellent ally for you and your health!