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Top 4 plants to relax

Whether at work or with family, our obligations are growing and getting everything done can sometimes be stressful. It is often difficult to take breaks to breathe, meditate and simply stop to enjoy the present moment.

We really like the benefits of plants to help our body relax. Some plants are known to have anti-stress properties, some to calm nervousness and promote relaxation. Here are our top 4 herbs to help you relax naturally.

holy basil

Holy basil is an adaptogenic herb that promotes energy and focus. An adaptogenic herb increases your body's ability to adapt to stress surges and better tolerate the effects of ongoing stress. Holy basil is both a nervous tonic and a calming herb. On the one hand it strengthens your nervous system and on the other it helps to calm it down. The calming effect helps your brain focus better reducing anxiety caused by stressful situations around you. Did you know it also helps soothe the digestive system during times of stress? It is an excellent ally to get you back on your feet and maintain a positive mood during your peaks of stress. It is available in herbal tea or mother tincture for a faster setting!

Lemon balm

We really like lemon balm because it's an herb that offers a wide range of benefits for calming everyday jitters. Lemon balm is a plant that tones the nervous system and calms nervous digestive system disorders. It soothes disorders such as anxiety, restlessness and stress. Studies show that lemon balm helps improve the quality of sleep. It supports cognitive functions and memory, it calms the mind and promotes mental clarity.  In addition, it helps relieve flatulence, indigestion and colic caused by a digestive system impacted by increased stress. This plant is also available in mother tincture and herbal tea .

passion flower

Passionflower is an antispasmodic plant. It helps relieve muscle spasms and also menstrual cramps. This plant is also known to slow down the oxidative stress involved in the development of certain diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Thanks to its antispasmodic and analgesic properties, passionflower also alleviates headaches caused by stress. It is excellent for calming nervousness, restlessness and nervous tension. It is the plant par excellence to reduce anxiety. Discover passionflower in mother tincture .


Skullcap is a powerful herb for rebuilding the nervous system. She deserves to be better known. It has tonic actions, it soothes excitability, calms nervous tension and reduces the harmful effects of prolonged stress. It is a slightly sedative plant that promotes drowsiness and promotes sleep without creating drowsiness if used as a tranquilizer during the day. It helps to normalize the functions of your nervous system: during physical and mental fatigue, it improves energy, while in the presence of hyperactivity and agitation, its action is rather calming. It can also help soothe strong emotions for hypersensitive people.

It acts positively on the heart by helping to reduce the effects of stress on the heart such as nervous palpitations. It also has properties helping to reduce certain intestinal discomforts caused by stress such as irritable colon and gastroesophageal reflux. It is a plant that we particularly like for its adaptability and its vast field of action. It's available here: in mother tincture or herbal tea .

An effective compound to counter daily stress

It is not always easy to take a moment to infuse a good herbal tea daily. That's why we thought of introducing you to the Clef des champs Calmix mother tincture, designed to help you reduce stress easily. Made with skullcap, valerian, oats and catnip, this product is the perfect boost for your nervous system. It can be combined with the herbs mentioned above or taken alone. Calmix is ​​designed to calm and decrease anxiety, stress, nervous restlessness and irritability. For you ladies, it can even help relieve premenstrual tension and menopausal anxiety.

It is not always easy to target what are the effects of stress on our body, but know that it is possible to use prevention if you feel some of them in your daily life. Do not hesitate to consult a health professional if you have any questions about stress in general or about the products mentioned in this column.

Happy relaxing!